geekhangout is born

Hey Everyone, Welcome to geekhangout. First off I would like to tell you why I started this blog. I have tried to start a few blogs in the past and they have never gone anywhere. I never got any readers, and eventually I just gave it up. Ever since blogging has taken off there have just been too many blogs to read. When you make a blog, especially about technology, there are just too many other blogs exactly like it. I wanted to be able to write about stuff I love, and have people read it. Geekhangout will make it possible for you to submit your articles about geeky stuff, and read the articles that other people have written. If all the people who have tried and failed to make blogs in the past get on board. We can all have our work read. If you want to post something on geekhangout just e-mail your work to I will try to post it in it’s original form, but some editing may be necessary. For instance, I don’t want any profanity or slamming of other writers. Thanks for reading this.geekhangout,ben willis   


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