Getting the word out

Hey Everyone,

         Sorry I haven’t been around for awhile. I had family in town, and didn’t get a chance to even check my e-mail over the weekend. Since I haven’t been on my computer for two days, I haven’t been able to advertise geekhangout. Actually I don’t think anyone will actually read this until I do some advertising. If you have any suggestions of places where I can post an ad, or just inform a community of our blog for free, please leave a comment. Also tell anyone who is interested about the blog. Thanks!

My favorite podcast is geekbrief tv. The host of geekbrief and her producer/husband are selling all their stuff, buying a R.V., and taking a year long road trip. They are calling it the BIG trip. I have put a big trip badge in the sidebar to show my support for the big trip. You should definitely check out their podcast.

Gotta Go, 

Ben Willis



4 Responses

  1. TEST #2

  2. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  3. hey, great blog. I subscribed too since matt did it.

  4. oops my web site is doughstreet dot com…check it out

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