Healthy Geeks

Hey Everyone,

    I can’t believe a night can pass so quickly. It feels like I just went to bed. I am also so sore from exercising yesterday. AH HA! Yep I said it. The dreaded word “exercise”. Many geeks prefer to stay inside playing games online or rigging up a liquid cooling system for their awesome gaming rig. But, we are still human. We still need to be healthy. Even a skinny person can be unhealthy. I know plenty of people who are really skinny, but totally out of shape. 

    Most people get scared when you say the word, exercise. They think painful, sore, blistering thoughts as soon as the word leaves your mouth. You don’t even have a chance to explain your exercise routine.

    This view couldn’t be farther from the truth. Exercise, while sometimes tiring, is fun. I start out with some sit-ups, move on to push-ups, throw in some more ab exercises, and top it off with some reps of dumbells. After I finish all this I go for a 3 mile jog. I don’t run really fast or far. It’s just 3 miles and it takes me 27 minutes. Those are 9 minutes miles! That is considered really slow by most people, but for me its just right. Granted I run on steep hills, but I don’t think my time would be too much less on flat ground, I don’t know I’ve never tried. 

    The mistake most people make when beginning a workout routine is doing too much. They start out strong. They workout for an hour or more for about two days. After that they quit. Your body isn’t made to do that. You have to start out small.

     A good way to start would be walking. Start walking about 2 to 3 miles a day. After a few weeks or a month when you feel you have mastered that you can start running one of those miles and walking the others. In just a few months you will be running 3 miles a day without ever having done so much that you quit.

    To start working out, just begin with some sit-ups. Don’t do too many, but not too few either. After you feel you can deal with regular exercise, start adding things to your plate. Throw on some push-ups or pull-ups. Maybe do some weight training. But don’t add things too fast or you might quit all together.

    The most important thing to remember is rest. You can’t workout every day. You should pace yourself. Consistency matters most. If you do little amounts for a long time, it does more than big amounts for a short time. I have tried both, and I can tell you which one works. I have been working out for months. I haven’t been doing a lot, but slowly I’ve been adding on, doing more, feeling better. 

    Don’t think that you don’t need exercise. It is an important part of our life. Without it we just turn into vegetables. We as geeks are even more likely to fall in this area. We love computers and the internet. Both of these things command our attention. We have to make sure that we love our bodies as much as our computers.

    Disclaimer: Ben Willis is not a doctor physician or anything like that. This is NOT medical advice. Ben is not responsible for any injury you receive after reading this post. I say again this is not medical advice and not to be taken as such. Always consult your doctor before starting a exercise routine.

    I added that to protect myself. Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to find out who this mysterious “geek” is. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look at the comments on the post about new imacs. As always tell every geek you know about geekhangout. And feel free to send me stuff you want to post about. My e-mail is I know thats a stupid address, but all the good ones were taken. I hope to change it if I ever get a job, and can afford my own domain.

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis


14 Responses

  1. I love to exercise! it’s so important to our life! sometimes I have to peel myself from the computer and go exercise. after I am done I am so glad I did it, but sometimes it’s just really hard…. oh well….. I guess I need to work on that! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!

  2. I’m very glad you love this website. I have a question do the initials “KK” have any meaning to you. I’m just trying to figure out how you know me.

  3. If you don’t feel like sharing your name online you could e-mail me and tell me your real name. I’m really curious. But I’m expecting you just to be one of my sisters friends.

  4. I have never heard of KK. Does it have anything to do with that weird clan thing? KKK (I think that’s what they call it) ? no, I don’t care if people online know my name…. it’s just I want to make you curious, and I think it’s working.

  5. No it is just a nickname of one of my sister’s friends. The KKK is a very bad group. I don’t support them at all. I wouldn’t mind you revealing your identity. I feel like I’m being played with. Actually I’ve felt like that since the first few comment you did. Any self-respecting geek would have revealed themselves by now.

  6. Yeah. I know it’s bad. That’s all I could think of when you said KK. Sorry I really can’t tell you who I am. Sorry!

  7. That’s OK. So far you are my most faithful fan. 🙂 I wouldn’t want to send you away. LOL

  8. Thanks! I love this header! How do you do it? You are amazing!

  9. Well thanks. I use a cheap free program called seashore to do all the headers. Just out of curiosity how did you find my blog. I wish I had more people like you getting on here. You can download seashore by following this link.

  10. Thanks! I might just do that. Is it just for macs? Because I have a stupid PC 😦 . I think I saw this blog link somewhere…. I really don’t remember.. I think it was on someone’s blog. Don’t ask me who. I really can’t remember. I would tell me friends but they think geeks are stupid. Can I go to your other blog yet?

  11. Seashore is for macs, but there is a program like it called gimp that works on pcs. You’ll have to google that one.

  12. SHEESH!!! How did I know it was only for Macs! SHEESH!!! Oh well….. Have you tried gimp? Do you like it?

  13. I have never tried it. But, I think the people who made Seashore made Gimp. So, It’s probably pretty good. (Except for the fact that it runs on windows)

  14. Hey lets continue this conversation on the most recent post. 🙂

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