Connecting Online

Hey Everyone,

    I have mentioned before how important it is that people stay connected online. If you don’t have connections online, all you have is hardware and software. No greyware. 🙂 There is no point in modern computing if you don’t share it with others. That is why we have blogs, social networks, online gaming.

    Blogging is an awesome way to stay connected online. Why? Because it is so easy. Even the most computer illiterate person can have a blog. A grandma can have a blog for all her children and grandchildren. You can make a blog for your school, youth group, sports team. Or you can even blog about something you are interested in, for anyone to read. (sounds like geekhangout). For whatever or whoever you blog, you are connecting with people.

    Blogging has been made so easy in the past few years that anyone can do it. You don’t have to know how to do anything except write. WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, all these sites make it easy to have a blog, or multiple blogs. 

    Social Networks connect people in a special way. You can send people messages, see who your friends friends are, meet people just like you. Social Networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter make it easy to connect online.  

     On Facebook each person has a profile page you can leave messages on, upload pictures to, or add applications that you think are cool.

     I have never used Myspace so I’m in the dark there. I like to try to keep it simple, the best way to do this is use one (maybe two) social networks, and one blogging network.

    Twitter is very cool. It allows you to post little updates through the day telling people what you are doing. You can follow people on Twitter, which means you see their updates. And people can follow you which means they see your updates. Twitter is an awesome way to keep up with friends, or find out what people you know do during the day. I have recently started using twitter, and I love it. I don’t have any friends from my South Carolina world on there yet. But, I have some online friends, like Chris Pirillo and Chris Farley. 

    Online gaming enters a totally different scene. Blogging and social networks are used by all. The old the young, the computer illiterate and geniuses all use these things. When you start talking about online gaming most of those people go to sleep and the teenagers wake up. Gaming is super fun, but online gaming is super super fun. Not only do you get to play your friends and strangers, but the skill level never stops increasing. Normal games get boring after a while because you beat them. In online gaming there is always some freak out there better than you. (unless you are the freak 🙂   )  You can game online using things like XBOX LIVE, and online gaming on the Wii and PS3, or you can game online using your computer. I don’t have a gaming system yet (we are getting a Wii), so I online game on my computer. It is so much fun. I play this game called Urban Terror. It would be a fun game even offline, but nothing compares to it when you through in onlineness. Urban Terror is a first person shoot em up online game. All of my friends play which makes it cool. Last night I played for two hours with some of my friends. Yes that is why I didn’t post on here yesterday, silly me. Online games are another way to keep people connected online.

    I hope you found this post interesting. I must now go do Math and mow the lawn. 

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis



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