Nintendo Wii

Hey Everyone,

     Our Wii arrived! Back up a little bit Ben. We are getting a Wii and we got it. My dad came home with it yesterday. It was a free gift from my dad’s work. They also gave us an extra controller so we can play games against each other. Set up was a breeze. I’m serious, even though there was tons of packaging in the box the whole set up process took ten minutes, tops. You just plug in the plugs center the Wii Sensor Bar and answer some quick questions on screen.

     Granted we don’t have a wireless network to configure it with, but I assume that would be easy too. We are planning to get an Airport  Express pretty soon so we can use the internet features of the Wii. We also need a wireless network so my brother can use his laptop online anywhere in the house. Anyhoo that is off the subject. With an internet connection the Wii becomes incredibly useful. There is a weather channel and news channel available. And you can buy the classic Nintendo games from the Wii store. You can also download a special version of the Opera web browser to surf the web on your Wii.

    We only have the Wii sports game that came with it right now. We are going shopping on saturday and plan to buy some games. One game we have have our eyes on is Mario Kart Wii. The game comes with this plastic steering wheel that you can slip wiimote into and use to steer the car. It is really cool. I would also like to buy Super Mario Brothers Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy. I need to get a job this summer so I can buy games and more controller etc.. 

    The Wii sports games are really fun though. There is Bowling, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Boxing. Bowling is really fun and probably the favorite game of the older people who play Wii. Baseball is really fun once you get the hang of it. Tennis is really fun, but sometime irritating. Golf is my favorite game. Boxing is very physically stressful. In boxing you just about have to kill yourself. I’m not sure how good it is for you. I almost pulled something in my abdomen last night boxing. I think it’s just me.

    One of the most fun features of the Wii is making Miis. Miis are little avatars on the Wii. You can customize yours to look just like you. And whenever you play with it the Wii saves your scores. I love making Miis. If you have an internet connection to your Wii you can share your Wiis with other people and see other peoples Miis.

    I will post more about the Wii later, especially when we get an internet connection to it and can test those features.

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis


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