Outside the lines

Hey Everyone,

     Today I had planned to do a post about the future of transportation and such in America. But this morning I saw a tweet saying that Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter had died. She was run over by a car in her driveway. Early reports say that it was an accident, and her older brother was driving. I feel so much pain to the Chapman family. It would be horrible to accidently kill someone in your own family. This family really needs our prayers right now.

    Steven Curtis Chapman, for those of you who don’t know, is a christian music singer. He has incredible talent. Someone  with his talent could make ka doodles of money singing. He has chosen to sing christian music, which is a much less lucrative business. The market for christian music is way smaller than that of regular music. He took a big risk choosing to sing about his God. He is a very respectable person. He has done much for families seeking to adopt children. He started an organization called Shoahannah’s Hope Ministry. It’s purpose is to help families overcome the financial barriers in adopting. 

    I will have a regular post for you tomorrow. Please keep this family in your prayers. Steven Curtis Chapman dot com . 

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis


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