About Me

Hey Everyone,

      This page is meant to give you a little information about me (Ben Willis), and this blog. My name is Ben Willis. I live in the Southeast of the United States of America. I am 15 years old.

      That’s enough about me for now. I have been wanting to start a blog about technology since late 2007. My passion to start a blog grew from reading other blogs, and watching podcast. The first podcast I ever watched was Geek Brief TV. It is hosted by Cali Lewis and her husband Neal Campbell. Cali’s real name is Luria Petrucci, but she uses the name Cali Lewis for Geek Brief. I really fell in love with podcasting after watching GBTV for a while. I didn’t really know there was a community of Tech people out there. I began watching more podcast, mostly the ones Cali recommended on GBTV. I originally wanted to podcast to, but I have decided that isn’t for me right now. I tried to start a blog in early 2008, but it fell through the ropes. I’m hoping to keep up this blog better than that one. 

      This blog is a place for me to blog, and my readers to send in articles they have written, to be posted on the blog. I hope to achieve an audience that reads and writes for geekhangout. 

      That’s all for now folks. Gotta Go,

Ben Willis




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