Creative Design

Hey Everyone,

    I am a creative geek. I’ve never been attracted to the really geeky geek stuff. I don’t write my own programs or use linux. I like to create things, art, graphics, etc.. You really can’t tell from how geekhangout looks though. This is because I have two blogs. I run a blog for my sister, and her friends. I have to make sure that blog looks good and the content is fresh. It is very hard to keep up a blog. But, when you throw in another blog on top of that things get crazy. Things get even crazier when you only have one computer. Right now I’m competing with someone for computer time. I have to be very quick at updating things, so I don’t cut someone short on computer time. I have virtually eliminated gaming from my schedule, and I’m still running short.

    I say all that to try to explain the plain looking theme of geekhangout. I really want it to look better, and I’m working hard to make it that way. But yesterday a thought came to my mind. I could use some of the graphics and such from my sisters blog on geekhangout. Everyday on that blog I post a new header image. It usually corresponds to what day it is. For instance today is National Shrimp Scampi Day. Bet you didn’t know that. The header usually reflects whatever day it is. I can just switch around some text and use it on gho. I have started doing this today with the Shrimp header.

    I use a free program called Seashore to do all my graphical design. I like it because it’s free, and easy to use. I would like to have a more advanced program, but don’t have the money. Someday (when my dad finally lets me have a job) I plan on buying a macbook pro and photoshop. Anyhoo, Seashore allows me to make pretty good looking headers. 

    Be sure to come back tomorrow for an article on being a healthy geek. And feel free to send in your articles anytime for me to post on the blog.

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis