An older generation

Hey Everyone,
     Right now I’m watching my parent play the Wii together. It’s a very odd moment. A few years ago my parents would never have even imagined doing something like that. They never even considered getting a computer until we finally convinced them we could use it for school. They are playing bowling, and my mom is whooping my dad. The Wii is truly a revolutionary device. It has the ability to bring old and young together. Tech savvy or not people like the Wii.

     We also got a new TV on which to play our Wii. It is a small 19″ tv, but we don’t use it for anything but the Wii. We don’t watch any TV at all, well just the news. The great thing about it is it is HD (720p) and we are now ready for the February 17th switch to DTV. It has a great picture compared to our old analog television.
      There is a tech community on the internet which fully embraces everything tech. We read about geeky tech stuff, we lust after geeky stuff, we write about. But then there is another niche of people all together. They don’t want to read and write about this stuff, but they want to enjoy it. This is the group of people that will begin to close the digital divide. As more people begin to experience technology in things like the Wii and the iPhone. They will crave more and it will become a normal part of everyones lives.

    This wasn’t a long post, but there is so much content on the web I’m sure you guys won’t mind having a few extra minutes trimmed off your reading time. I also don’t have anything else to say about this, and I want to join my family in playing Wii.

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis



Hey Everyone,

     A few years ago when my family got our first computer I started reading the comics online. Some of my favorite comics are Foxtrot, Babyblues, Pearls Before Swine, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, and Dilbert. This post is about Dilbert.

     Many of the websites for these comic strips are great. But, Then you have some that aren’t so great. I like a comic site that showcases the comic strip on the main page. I also enjoy quick load times since if I was reading these in the paper there would be no load time. I don’t appreciate it when a site uses flash or java or something to display the strip. But I also don’t want a lot of ads or links. 

    Dilbert, one of my most favorite strips, has recently redone their website. The site is in a beta stage, and is currently breaks some of my comic strip viewing rules. The strip itself comes up last when you load the site, but I love Dilbert so much that this doesn’t matter to me. 

    Some of the really cool features of the site are Animations. Animations are exactly what they sound like. They are short animated comics strips that give you a better idea of the personality behind the characters.

    Another cool feature is Mashups. Mashups is simply user generated punch lines for the strips that Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) makes. You can add your punch line and let other people see it.

    I’m sure the people behind Dilbert are not opposed to adding even more cool new features that no other strip has. This is a new field of creator/viewer  interaction that I have never seen before. It shows that Web 2.0 is reaching to every limb of the web. The interaction between people on the web has made sites so much more functional. It gives reason for the web that didn’t exist before. Some day things like this will be very common place. Technology will no longer be something that people don’t understand or think is for business. Sites like Facebook, Myspace, and services like iTunes, eBay are making even the most technologically ignorant people comfortable with technology. As we push forward you have to think, Where will we be in 5 years, 10 years, 25 years. When simple things like interaction on the web become standard parts of everyones lives there will be little standing in the way of technological progress. As the digital divide closes research and development will accelerate at frightening speeds. The ordinary person will become entrapped in a world of fiber and code. That is why interaction between people online must become as personal as possible.

    Well I hope I didn’t bore you. It’s saturday, and I don’t anticipate posting tomorrow, but I hope to be back on monday.

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis