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A new day on Earth Day

Hey Everyone,
        I’m very sorry for not posting more. I have been sidetracked by so many things lately. Today is Earth Day, and I feel I finally have the right schedule to maintain this blog. I am thankful for the two people who have added me to their feed readers. If you read this blog, please feel free to leave a comment to let me know your around. Since it is Earth Day many people will be doing podcast episodes and blog post about how you can help save the environment. A lot of what is needed to clean up our environment is politicians in Washington willing to propose radical legislation. But, you can do your part too. You could do small things like.

  1. Installing low flow shower heads in your bathroom.
  2. Taking shorter showers.
  3. Turning off the water while you brush your teeth.
  4. Not watering your lawn, let nature do it’s thing.
  5. Starting a small garden with easy to grow vegetables that you can actually use.
  6. Getting in the habit of using recycling bins.
  7. Using reusable grocery bags.
  8. Turn off lights in rooms you aren’t in.
  9. Put your computer in sleep mode whenever you aren’t using it. Don’t let the screen saver run.
  10. Buy products with less packaging.

      And there are some bigger things you could do.

  1. You could trade in you big gas guzzler for a hybrid.
  2. You could move to an area close to your work, church, and favorite stores.
  3. You could car-pool with a co-worker, or even someone who works near your workplace.
  4. You could install solar panels and be independent of the power company.
  5. You could send a letter to your senator asking him to get behind environmentally friendly legislations. (do senators have e-mail for this purpose?)

      What is important is that you do something. Doing even one thing from the easy list would help out. It may not turn around our major pollution problems, but think how many bags you could keep out of a landfill each year by using reusable grocery bags.

      Once again I plan to post here more often. I have a few things standing in the way. Such as my private family blog which I’m incredibly good at keeping up. I need to spend less time gaming, and more time blogging. I have experimented cutting out a few hours of games for the past few days. I was able to get this post done, and catch up on some graphical design for my other blog. I want to get to the point of posting everyday, or more than once a day. Tell all your friends about this blog. And if you ever want to post something to the blog the e-mail is geekhangoutemail@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis

iPod classic funnies

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to sell my iPod classic. I love this iPod, but it just has too much capacity for me. I want to sell it, and buy an iPod touch which is more suited to my needs. I received it as a gift, and have enjoyed it ever since. I would definitely recommend it to someone who wanted lots of storage for movies.

I have been searching around looking for the best price on an iPod touch. I found this ad on Kmart.com. It is the iPod classic (black) with a white click wheel. The real black iPod classic has a black click wheel. I just thought you guys might want to take a look at it.