An older generation

Hey Everyone,
     Right now I’m watching my parent play the Wii together. It’s a very odd moment. A few years ago my parents would never have even imagined doing something like that. They never even considered getting a computer until we finally convinced them we could use it for school. They are playing bowling, and my mom is whooping my dad. The Wii is truly a revolutionary device. It has the ability to bring old and young together. Tech savvy or not people like the Wii.

     We also got a new TV on which to play our Wii. It is a small 19″ tv, but we don’t use it for anything but the Wii. We don’t watch any TV at all, well just the news. The great thing about it is it is HD (720p) and we are now ready for the February 17th switch to DTV. It has a great picture compared to our old analog television.
      There is a tech community on the internet which fully embraces everything tech. We read about geeky tech stuff, we lust after geeky stuff, we write about. But then there is another niche of people all together. They don’t want to read and write about this stuff, but they want to enjoy it. This is the group of people that will begin to close the digital divide. As more people begin to experience technology in things like the Wii and the iPhone. They will crave more and it will become a normal part of everyones lives.

    This wasn’t a long post, but there is so much content on the web I’m sure you guys won’t mind having a few extra minutes trimmed off your reading time. I also don’t have anything else to say about this, and I want to join my family in playing Wii.

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis


It’s Wednesday May 7th 2008

Hey Everyone,

     I know I promised you a bigger post yesterday. I really wanted to, but I never got time. And it wasn’t for reasons like playing games or anything. I was very busy finishing my school for the year. I woke up yesterday and posted that short snippet about not being able to post over the weekend. After that I dove right in to school. I did one lesson in math, and then I had to go running. I got back from running, and ate lunch. I did another math lesson and a math test, and then the end of the year math test. School usually ends at about 3:00 everyday. Yesterday It ended at about 4:30 because I just really wanted to be done, and the only thing standing in my way was math. After math I had to go to the graduation ceremony for the homeschoolers at my church. Yeah that was my day. Now you probably don’t read this blog to hear about my day. So, here’s the good stuff.

    I usually post about geeky stuff on here, but not very often geeky news. But right now I’m having a lapse of creativity, and I don’t have anything to post about. So, I’m going to be posting about my favorite geeky news stories. My favorite (geeky) news sites are Macrumors, Engadget, well I guess those are the only ones I read. They usually carry all the big important stories I need to here about. But since they report all the news they also talk about stuff I don’t care about. I’m going to post my favorite stories from these sites each day. This is day one so let’s give it a try.

    The PS3 has passed 5 million units sold in Europe, and has also been out selling the Xbox 360 in said continent. The PS3 has had a good few months since toshiba dropped HD DVD. The PS3 which has a built in bluray player has a lot to offer. There are rumors that PS3 is due for an update this fall. Not a big update like the intro of PS4 or anything. But the form factor is expected to get smaller, and the graphics, performance, innards to get updated. SOURCE: ENGADGET

     HTC revealed their newest creation yesterday. It is called the HTC TOUCH DIAMOND. It is a pretty little phone, that is presumed to be yet another iPhone competitor. I seriously doubt that any company in the world has what it takes to make an iPhone killer, or even competitor. That is unless blackberry ditches Windows mobile and gets rid of the keyboard. But, this device aside from the intentions of it’s makers has some prettiness in it. Here are the specs according to engadget.

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • VGA Screen
  • Quad-band HSDPA 7.2
  • One-touch navigation, including single-finger dialing
  • An accelerometer that rotates pictures as you rotate the phone
  • One-touch music playback with an animated music browser
  • A heavily-animated weather forecast app
  • Full-featured desktop-like web browser (Opera) with zoom-in tech that actually reformats to fit the screen upon zoom, although Microsoft promises IE 6 coming soon for it
  • Youtube app and content playback
  • Available in June in Europe via Orange and the “rest of the world” sometime later
  • Orange music store, games, wallpapers, and ringtone downloads
  • Orange mobile TV with up to 61 channels
  • No normal headphone jack – gotta use HTC’s proprietary USB dongle
  • “Better battery life” than their other devices — will offer a bigger battery at a later time for those who are experiencing battery life issues
  • No pricing info just yet


    This next one is one that’s been all over the news (even the the non geeky news). Microsoft dumps yahoo. Yup, after months of speculation of hostile take overs, playground like press releases, and rejected bids. Microsoft has walked away. It really never made sense for Microsoft to acquire Yahoo anyway. Well, maybe but not for such a huge price. If Microsoft really need what Yahoo had to offer they could have made their own company. But Yahoo never wanted to be bought anyways. They have done fine on there own for all these years. Shortly after the announcement of Microsoft leaving the fence, Yahoo’s stock price fell a considerable bit. This has made some people call for Yahoo’s CEO’s resignation, but I don’t see that happening. In a few months everything will probably be back to normal, and Yahoo will be doing fine. SOURCE: ENGADGET

    That’s all for right now folks. I hope to be out of this dip in creativity soon. I imagine you guys have already heard this news somewhere else, but not with my perspective. 🙂   

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis

3G iPhone

Hey Everyone,

       As we approach WWDC in June many rumors are beginning to swirl about a 3G iPhone. Apple introduced the iPhone in January of 2007 at Macworld. It went on sale in June of 2007. It got a small update in February of this year (2008). The February update was a small update that only added a 16 gigabyte model.

       Apple doesn’t usually keep a product the same for more than a year. They like every other company out there keep up with current technology. They released the iPhone with a 2.5G chip set to run on AT&T’s edge network, for internet on the iPhone. AT&T’s edge network runs pretty slow. It is comparable to dial-up speeds. The 3G chip sets can run on AT&T’s fast 3G network.

      The reasons Apple gave for going with the lower speed version were battery life, size,and performance. Apple has since been criticized for this decision since soon after the release of the iPhone. But, I think Apple made the right decision. 3G was not ready for mass market last year. It would have added bulk to the iPhone, and reduced battery life. Coverage was probably not very wide spread yet either. Apple made a calculated risk, and they survived. The iPhone is quickly becoming the most popular smart phone. It is sucking up market share faster than almost any other phone I’ve ever seen.

     With the release of the SDK (Software Development Kit) Apple is enabling developers to create applications for the iPhone. The developers can then put their apps on the Apps store, which Apple will be adding to the iPhone via software update in June. The announcement of the SDK, and other enterprise options by Apple in January hugely increased interest in the iPhone. Many big companies and universities will be able to easily distribute large numbers of iPhones to their employees.

    All of this progress with the iPhone means that Apple needs to update the hardware. According to many rumors and the normal product cycle. The iPhone should be updated in June. 3G will obviously be added to the iPhone in June, seeing as the technology has now caught up with the concept. But, I think that people are focusing way too much on 3G. They are craving speed so much that there is no speculation about what else awesome stuff Apple might put in an updated iPhone. They could put in better battery life. They could increase the screen size and resolution. They could add more flash memory. They could add a motion camera. They could slim the whole thing down. They could make the screen take up the whole face of the device. There is so much they could add or subtract from this masterpiece. I think more bloggers should start brainstorming what else Apple will be putting in a and iPhone 2 than just 3G. It’s a done deal that they are doing 3G. They have said it. AT&T has said it. Uncle Walt has said it.  🙂  Let’s expand our horizons a little. 

     Thanks again for reading. If you have anything you would like me to post about, or if you want to post something on the blog, just e-mail me at

Gotta Go,

Ben Willis